Hey all, so I got a new guitar recently and have been having some fret buzz problems on the low E and A strings when fretting. When these strings are open they do not buzz. I make sure that I am solidly pressing them down to. I should also note that I have tried raising the action higher.

Also, when I look at the guitar from the side, the strings are much lower towards the neck of the guitar than they are towards the bridge/base of the guitar. Is this normal? Will adjusting the truss rod fix my problems with fret buzz?
Actually, that the problem actually is is that the bridge height needs to be adjusted. Rarely will stringbuzz actually be part of the truss rod. Take your guitar into a music store and request a setup for whatever tuning you want. They'll intonate and adjust the action for you so that there wont be any string buzz and it should be much easier to play and will sound much better.
Have you changed the strings on it yet?
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yeah i changed the strings already. i cant figure out what the problem is. i dont want to take it in to guitar center i hear their set ups are very pricey and not well done.