Hey Pond Scum!
Thanks for the review! I listened to your song three times, but every time the music player stopped at around 1:30. You might check that. The guitar playing & chords seemed fine from what I could tell. Drums sound good. Not sure if you have vocals, but I'm guessing it didn't, but maybe I'm wrong. Might not hurt to add vocals if that's feasible (if you don't have any). Everything sounded pretty good, but didn't hear the whole thing. Rock on!
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I think I hear some Tool influence in there, which is awesome. But, first thing first. DAMN that snare hit at the very beginning was too loud! My ears still hurt. Adjust your levels, make sure they're not too high.

Not much to say about the songwriting/song structure. It's got good transitions and never drags on for too long anywhere. Vocals would be nice.

I'm not sure what to think about the rhythm change at 2:02. It's a pretty big departure from the rest of the song, though it sounds quite nice once you realize what just happened. You might want to put some vocals, or something else on top of it to help ease the sudden change.

Nice work. Hope this helps.

Thanks fer listening, points taken and noted.

I was going fer a hook style chorus there at 2:02 dont know if I accomplished that goal or not. The bass is pretty close to what you are describing, eatfresh.
Nice CRISP production, sounds very high level.

DIGGIN the way the drums are dialed in , that SNARE is nice and loose. OK WE RIFFIN, i can rifff, im down. THE TRIPLETS in the rhythm guitar cause for some very nice feelings. What you have here is a VERY nicely done song that would be taken to a new level with some tight ass vocals and stuff. AS IT STANDS right now, for MOST , there isn't ENOUGH going on for it to be stand alone instrumental, but the work you HAVE put it is VERY clearly skillful and fun. KEEP GOING!!
Nice guitar SOLO, very tasteful and skillful. It could be a bit louder though? I think it could punch through with volume and TONE

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