I've had my friend's half stack at my place for at least a year now and he's wanting me to ship it to his new house in South Carolina. I've never had to ship something quite this big before and all the quotes I've found online have been over $80. In the United States, what is the best way to ship something like this? It weighs about 70lbs, give or take a few.
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80 bucks seems about right for a half stack.
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depends... is it a 100w? it it is a 100w it will ship for free due to the utter awesomeness of it. other than that you might be able to ship it a little cheaper through a private carrier but UPS or USPS will be the best way to go.
Grey Hound does shipping also, he would have to pick it up at the nearest bus station. They are pretty cheap when it comes to large boxes.
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