I have seen a lot of questions about adjustments made to the truss rod. I never touch mine, should i be? I usually don't change string gauge and all my gear stays in a pretty controlled temp. I always kinda thought that truss rod adjustment was only for severe issues and only done by a professional luthier. am i wrong?
Not nessesarily. If you're in doubt about adjusting it, don't try to. But if you know what you're doing, it shouldn't do any harm as long as you don't overtighten it.

If the curvature is correct, there shouldn't be an issue.

You can check the curvature of the neck by the following:

. With your left hand (if you're right handed) fret the first fret with your index finger

. Fret the 16th fret with the thumb of your right hand.

. Stretch the index finger on your right hand to the 7th fret and tap the fret to get an idea of the size of the gap between the fret and the string. The gap should be half the thickness of a credit card.

. If the string is touching the fret, the truss rod it too tight. Loosen it by an 8th of a turn and check the curvature again.

. If the gap is more than half the thickness of a credit card, the truss rod is too loose. Tighten it by an 8th of a turn and check again.
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Quote by Axelfox
You're not wrong. You usually don't ever need to touch the truss rod, unless you're making a major jump in string tension, like going from 9's to 13's or something.

You can adjust it, if you want to to get more or less bow in your neck, whether for preference or to achieve intonation, but really, your neck will adjust itself to minor tension changes.
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Depends on the guitar though- I have had a couple that were very touchy to humidity changes and needed a little tweak to keep from buzzing- others never seem to change much. As long as you make small adjustments and then let it sit long enough to find out what you really did you should be fine.
If your neck is fine, then don't touch it, I've never had to adjust any truss rods on any of my guitars in 7 years. If you take care of em, and don't change your set up drastically, you prolly will never have to in the time you own the guitar.
You don't need to, but it's not something bad to learn to do, just do it carefully.
Only do it if you NEED it. Like if you have terrible fret buzz and have already adjusted your bridge.

but if you do adjust it. do short quarter inch turns. Don't apply a lot of pressure. If you can't move it with two fingers, you don't want to.