Hello UG ,

I was wondering if it was worth the time to switch the Peavey Scheffield speaker in my 6505+ 112 combo for a Celestion V30 ?
I know they work wonders on 4x12 cabs , but how does it sound on a combo.
Anyone here who did the swap themselves , feedback would be much appreciated !
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I've heard it does. Something I need to do, too...
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Idk about changing the speaker in the combo. But I made mine into a head and I use it with my 2x12 with a WGS vet 30 and gt65 and it sounds so much better than the combo. It really can't be overstated.
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its pretty common to do that mod. supposed to releive it of a lot of fizziness it has, cant say i know for sure though....just talkin from what i have read around
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