Hey all,

I have PRS standard 24, it's the 20th anniversary model which is in a satin charcoal finish.

My problem is that before every gig i have to apply some guitar polish to the entire body, as it really brings out the depth of the charcoal finish, almost 3D like!

I'm wondering if there is a product that can be used to keep my guitar looking like its just been polished, or whether I'll just have to keep temporarily polishing it before gigs.


Hmmm, not sure if this will work, but when i repainted my warlock, i used rubbing compound to get the finish real shiny...its basically the same principle as buffing a floor.
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i guess you'd have to keep on polishing then as i dont think you want to refinish your prs
Just play it, after a while satin goes glossy.

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Depends how the satin has been applied.

A satin clear coat has flattening agents in it which cause the light not to reflect causing the satin finish, if you buff the finish the flattening agent is still in the finish and so you will never obtain a gloss finish.

But if the clear coat has no flat flattening agent in it but the surface has been rubbed down with 0000 steel wool to create the satin finish then you could buff the finish to a high gloss.

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I've started just that on this one. Still need to finish it. Only the upper half of the top is done.

If you'd like more info on how I'm doing this just let me know.
I'm sure there are different finishes on different models but I had a satin prs that got shiny just from my arm and hand wearing the finish down. I'm almost sure it could be buffed.
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