Just wanna see if there are any guitarist out there that wouldn't mind playing a in worship band out in Liberty Hill, Texas. Would prefer to be young, since it'll mostly be for the youth band, you don't have to be super experience, just know what chords are, be able to keep a rhythm, and have your own amp and gear, naturally. We'll teach you everything you need to know to play in a band, so band experience isn't necessary.

Need your own form of transportation, just fyi...gas be to expensive.

Times would be every Monday band practice starts at 5:30 PM and ends somewhere around 7:30 PM.

Youth service is every Wednesday, band practice starts at 5:30 PM, service starts at 7 PM.

Sunday practice starts at 8:30 AM, service starts at 10 AM and lasts till 12.

I've been playing in both bands for almost 4 years now, and I just got a job which prevents me from always being there, and being the only guitarist out there atm who can play in their band, I'm looking for a replacement/backup.

If you're interested, PM me about it and I'll give you more details.