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Pretty simple to answer, as most uger's wear clothes.

For me it is the skinny guy only suitable jean:

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and a 'Keep calm and Chive on' tee coming soon. Fucking awesome.
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a 'Keep calm and Chive on' tee coming soon. Fucking awesome.

i ALWAYS miss when they get new shirts, even though i check the site several times a day.

Nah, hats.

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My black dickies or my Born of Osiris baseball T
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December 14, 2017
blue jeans or gym shorts.

and not gay skinny jeans. actual blue jeans that fit like they're supposed to
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i ALWAYS miss when they get new shirts, even though i check the site several times a day.

They're usually sold out within an hour of announcing they're available
My big-ass Arnie-style leather jacket
Check out my Black/Death metal band!

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Either the slip on Tom's shows/faggy slip on vans...

Black V-neck

Or black skin tight skinny jeans.
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my kilt
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I just have this plain gray t-shirt that's sortof slim and ridiculously comfortable. And it looks rather nice too. It makes me feel like Simon Cowell. That shirt and any pair of shorts basically.
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Favorite? I'd have to say my hoodies. Hoodies go with anything.
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Tight black jeans, Black jean jacket and I like bracelets and the sort, basically anything that goes on the wrists.

out of all the clothes that i have, i'd say a t shirt with this picture on it.
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Black zeppelin t-shirt
Metal mulisha cap

Bow chicka bow wowwwwww

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This hoodie has got me laid before.

would you care to elaborate?
Any of my well-fitting, airy tops. I've recently given up men's band t-shirts, and my neck can finally breathe again!
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My codpiece.

...Short-sleeved shirts with sleeves that can reach my elbow, and short pants that are a few sizes above my actual size so they become 3/4 pants.
Black dress shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbows , and grey jeans.
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My top hat...rather expensive, but rather worth it.
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My scarf.
It's black and dark grey with a hint of red.

Sadly, I haven't been able to wear it since early January
my leopard print hat. A girl took it from me the day after i got it. havent seen it in weeks....

she took my heart as well, maybe i will write a song about it.
My Periphery shirt. And then some of my nice button up shirts. They make me look so much less like a dirtbag.

Fat + long hair + fat + black clothing + fat face = Looks like a loser.
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