... An Ibanez Tubescreamer

So yea, this is the TS-10 version, from 1986-89?? This one being made in Taiwan, not Japan like some of them. This was actually the Tubescreamer model SRV was using just before his death, and in PriemerGuitar's Rig Rundown of John Mayer, he has a pair of them in his setup as well. Probably the most underated series in the tubescreamer lineup, behind the ts808 and ts9. As for the sound, It has the same typical Tubescreamer overdrive while boosting the mids quite a bit. My sound, is usually very clean with alot of low end, so this deffinatly helps my guitar cut through, when I want to stand out. The TS-10 starts to saturate at around 9' o clock, so you can certainly use this as a clean boost. When you max the drive out, it still doesnt get anywhere close to distortion/metal teritorry, unless your pushing an already overdriven amp. For construction, the housing is metal which is nice, but the input/output jacks are soldered straight to the circuit board, and the switch sucks. The jacks wiggle around a lot, and you can hear the signal of your guitar change when they do, so I have this actually sitting on top of my amp, to be extra careful with it. Besides the construction, its my favorite od Ive owned to date.
HNPD! I didnt know SRV was using one of these, but he did use like, every TS made. haha