First off, not something I'm totally into doing. I'm the type of guy who'll POSSIBLY customize once, and go on my merry way. (Or simply get the set-up I like before hand. Works out, usually)

I have this old freaking Slammer. I LIKE how it plays, could maybe use some work, but nothing too past the ordinary. I also heavily enjoy the sound off this beast too, but often wondered "If I were to upgrade it somehow, where'd be a good start?"
I'd preferably want to go the tone route, but I love how the thing sounds already. Strangely enough, it'll do well down tuned, also. It's had a good life, now I kinda wanna spruce it up maybe.

All single Coils, just like a good strat copy should have. Black, white pickguard. And I normally just stick with the bridge (mainly due to awesome wear and tear...had to keep it like that for a while) I'd always considered tuners, but I do love the look of them on the back of the headstock...

Lastly, the year's mainly a guess, seeing that I've owned it for a full decade. Just kinda thinking out loud, I guess.

Got any good recommendations, let me know. Woohoo!

[ediiiiiiit, cause it's good for all:] I do need to change the nut, still prefer the ghostly operation of its niftyness, but I wouldn't mind replacing it. perhapse a new one? Don't usually like to lock nothing.... Just go. Anything there's fine to know, too.

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I wouldn't bother with pickups straight away. I'd personally go with the hardware. New bridge, new tuners and a new nut. Remember, most of your tone is from the amp.
A Bridge would be great. As for ones that fit 'em....? would go for a black chrome possibly, if so. dunno. but yeah...I too am thinkin' sit back on anything electric... but I just love the freaking tuners...