Well, I'm trying to learn the whole song on guitar, and it's not something that's been tabbed in full.

This tab: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/k/karnivool/simple_boy_tab.htm is a good start.

However, I'm finding I want to learn all they rhythm parts played by Hoss as well, as it doesn't sound as full without them and some of them are pretty awesome anyway XD.

I'll try fish for some better live vids... but started with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV_mkTn4fb0&feature=related

Now I'm playing this in drop B BTW. Not sure if Goddard still uses his hybrid Drop B/Standard tuning, but it works in either and is a bit less awkward in a conventional tuning lol. Hosking usually plays is C standard I think.

edit: Apparently this is in B-F#-B-F#-B-E. So the double octave power-chord is just a bar. Nice. I'm still using drop B though. Used to it and Hoss still plays in C Tuning..

First there's the pre-chorus bit...
See that vid @ approx 5:20.

I'm not that experienced and I haven't been playing long enough to pick things up by ear, but from the tab and vid... it looks like he'd play E-D-C-(pm B)-C double octave power chords, or the like.

edit: found this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5ZMZYg_sZQ

It definitely is that. You could chuck a B in quickly when playing C too I guess.

Also 6:50. The outro has that cool rhythm riff.

I again have something that sounds kinds of like the first bit...

In drop B it kind of sound like me playing a progression of these chords:

G#| 10  11  10   8   - 10 -  
E_| 10  10  10  10    10                
B_|  0    0   0    0      8           8 8 7 7 x x 7 7p0

^edited from previous.

^How do I make it so that the formatting is how it's typed? -.-
Hit Quote to see it properly.

I know it's a bit off... Probably completely wrong. It's what I play at the moment though because it kind of fits with the feel of the song. Also, I didn't show the rhythm with the chords as it progresses.

I have no idea what the guy in the vid is playing but it sounds right lol. I just see hell weird chords. XD

Well, cheers for the help in advance. Hopefully I can figure out how to play this, because I really want to be able to play at least one of their songs properly XD. Hopefully will learn a fair bit in the process too.
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G# | 10  11  10    8  - 10 -  
E  | 10  10  10   10    10                    10 10 0 0
B  |  0   0   0    0     8                8 8 
F# |                                 8 8                         

Sounds good to me, I have been after this tab for awhile.

The whole alternate and hybrid tuning would really throw off alot of people trying to tab their songs.

Keep it up!
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Yeah, I'll give it a shot. Might try tuning up to B-F#-B-F#-B-E and try a few things. ^ Above is a bit rough and the bit after the chords is more like:

B| 8 8 7 7 pm 0 0 /pm 7 7p0

Still not sure on the chords.

^Edit... it might quite possibly be a variation of the intro chords. The ones above seem to fit anyway.

Also... any idea what else is played in this bit?

e |-----------------------------| 
B |-----7~---5~---3~----5~------| 
G |---4----4----4-----4---------|x5 
B |-----------------------------| 
B |-----------------------------|

I'm pretty confident that I have a composition that works though. Been recording and playing through a couple of times. Unfortunately the perfectionist in me wants to be able to play it all XD

The into chords are a bit fiddly unfortunately XD
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