Hey, recently I bought a vox ac4 and I like the sound which I'm getting but I feel a little limited at times because of its single tone knob. So I'm thinking of buying a EQ pedal but which one? Is it really worth while spending a lot of money on a mxr 6/10 band or a boss ge-7 or should I just go for a cheaper alternative like a Behringer EQ700 or a Danelectro Fish 'n' Chips (if I can find one that is...)
i have the dano and the boss....the boss is noisy as hell. stay away.
the dano is good to go.
A lot of people get the fish and chips as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive ones and they say it works great.
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I've no experience with the cheaper alternatives but my MXR 10 band is fantastic. It shapes my tone so well, one of my most important pedals in my opinion.
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Owning both the Dano and the 10-band MXR, go for the MXR. worth the cash especially if you an find one used. I got mine for 50 with the power supply.
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the mxr 6 band will do you well. It is pretty affordable used.

Avoid the Boss.

This. I have the Boss and I hate it. Its pretty noisy.
Well I've been looking around and I can find the Danelectro but only on Thomann for around £36 which is weird because everywhere was selling them not so long ago. The Mxr 6 band seems a fair price and has 3 extra db's, but what I heard about the ten band is that two of the bands are useless for guitar is this true?