Let's talk about this beautiful guitar.. So much blues it has lost color.

My 2nd guitar shall be a white The Gretsch "Billy-Bo" Jupiter Thunderbird. I've always fancied that beautiful guitar.

What are your opinions of that guitar?

personally i think it looks stupid
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Not my thing, but I do understand how some people would like it. So if it meets your needs play the hell out of it and have fun!
Never seen one in person, so I forgot Gretsch even made this. If it's anything like the Gretsch Bo Diddly, stay away.
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I understand why you would like it and its unique and a cool guitar to have in your inventory, if you like it dont give a **** about what anyone else thinks of it... play the shit out of it.
I dont see it, it's just an oddly shaped guitar in William Bo's liking.
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