Hey yall.

How could I make my Blues Jr. sound a bit warmer ? New tubes ? Speaker ?
Thanks !
maybe a circuit mod too, the blues junior is an ideal candidate for amp mods
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I can't mod I live in a small town in France. Any other suggestion is welcome!
I installed a Celestion Vintage 30 in my HRD and it helps a lot.
It is very simple to install too.

I would highly recommend it.
put a 5751 in V1 of the amp. warms it right up.
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Roll a little off your guitars volume knob.

Not sure what living in France has to do with not being able to mod? I assume you still have access to ebay and a soldering iron.

A nice alnico speaker should do wonders, might be more than you're looking to spend.
Failing that, an old mullard or telefunken in v1 might make you happy
I will definetly look into the Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, thanks!

I'm affraid I would screw up the amp by soldering something, I like things simple to install :/ I would give it a try if it's not too complicated.
Pop it in the oven at 375 should warm it up nicely?
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Should I use 6V6 power tubes instead of EL84 to get a warmer sound ? I just read on a website that it might be a solution.

I'm not looking for uber-warm mind you!! Just a little bit.

What would you suggest upgrading first ? Speaker or tubes?
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