hey dudes and dudets.
Whats the difference between Marshall JVMs and JCMs
im just alking about in general, but if you wanna get into more detail thats cool.
And please dont say something stupid like "Ones got a v and the other has a c har ****ing har!"


Depends, there are many JCM models and 2 different JVM models (plus there are multiple combo/different wattage versions of each).

If you want to find out more do some research using Google.
ok, well in that case can I just ask what people preffer, what kinda music they play, and why they preffer that amp?

Wouldn't it be easier for you to tell us what music you play etc and we may be able to help you say which is more suitable for you? Assuming that is where this thread is going
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^ +1
go here for reference


The JCM 800 2203/4s from the late 1980s are what most of us get a boner for. It was the succession to the JMP Plexi amps. It is the sound a lot of hair metal bands used back in the day. It has a fairly raunchy and aggressive drive sound. Countless bands like Motley Crue, Ratt, GnR etc used them. The cleans were not the greatest however. You can find these on the used market in the $800- $1200 range roughly. Marshall has since come out with some Re-Issues of these amps but most people would agree they are nothing like the iconic ones from the past. The last great 800 they made imo was the Slash Sig 2555 in 1995. There are other JCM models as well but those are the 3 models I would consider - and possibly the KK sig, AFD, YJM (which are all new). There are also the JCM 2000 DSL/TLSs which are somewhat mediocre. There are other JCMs as well but I don't care much for them.

The JVM 410/210/205 etc heads and combos are Marshall modern high gain amps that are supposed to incorporate lots of different amp tones into one box from cleans, lightly driven blues, rock, metal, etc. Although it does accomplish this, there is a wide vairance in opinions as to how well it does it. I personally am not a fan of the drive tones on any of the channels really but it is all personal preference. Some really like it. The benefits of the JVMs is you can have up to 4 channels (410) with each channel having 3 modes (green, yellow, red). Green is light OD - Red is heavey OD etc. The cleans on this amp are very nice. It has built in reverb and Midi switching capabilities along with other features.

There is also the Vintage Modern amp which is pretty decent.

However, if you want an agressive sounding Marshall with a workable clean channel and some modern tones on tap I suggest a Splawn Quickrod

(if i got any of my facts/opinions wrong feel free to correct me)
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^ not in my opinion

they are different kinds of distortion.

personally, i think they tried to hard with the JVM. it needs to be turned up and EQ'd to sound remote good imo - but is not worth the money here in the US anyway.
Splawn all the way.
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the jcm800 on my flextone sounds agressive as heck and is what im after in a amp...I wonder how legit it is compared to a jcm800 or should i say does a real 800 sound as good to my ears