I've never had any decent mastering done to any of my tracks before, is anyone interested in doing a quick, free job so I can hear what can change post-prod? I'm assuming all I need to upload is a raw mix of the track? If anyone can do this, message me!

This is the song I'll send you -
Sweet! I'll upload the mix now!
In fact I'll just make the link public for anyone else who might want to have a play around. About to upload the track, if anyone needs anything changed in the mix, let me know!

Bit of info btw,
Guitars are Pod Farm, drums are EZDrummer and bass is programmed as my bass is out of action atm =/

Edit: actually scratch that, my Internet just died mega bad. Track will be up tomorrow!
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Ok cool. Heres a local band i mixed/mastered a couple of months back, i've improved quite a bit since then though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3cq5Coey5U&feature=feedf

Here is a quick master of the track in the original post....if you want a mix & master i can take a look at your individual tracks. To be honest though mastering isn't really needed unless your doing a bunch of tracks....however mixing is always something you do on every song...also check your low middle frequencies as that is whats making it muddy (although if I wasn't doing a really quick job I prob could have fixed it with EQ).

Note: I did this in like 10 minutes and didn't really mess with the EQ much so its not perfected at all....also now you can tell there is a production error around 34-35 seconds into song...

edit: looking back at it I may have added a bit to much reverb to the master...
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Yep, I still don't have proper monitors to mix on yet, getting a pair very soon though! I've just heard a lot can potentially change in a master so it'd be cool to hear it on one of my mixes.
I'll give your link a listen when I have a chance!

Here's an uncompressed version -