I'm considering changing my pickups from passive stocks to emg 81/SA/85. They're all active so does that mean that I'll need 3 batteries?

My guitar does not really support active pickups and I'll have to fit the batteries in the electronic slot at the back. Will it fit?
I apologize, as I'm not too too knowledgeable on the subject, but I believe that you can rig it up so that all three can simply reference one battery; however, that means you'll probably have to change it fairly often.

My main guitar has two EMG 808's, and they only require the one battery.
(Using only one will also help with your space issue; just be sure that you're avoiding all wires/electronics in the cavity)

I hope that helps at all!
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You only need one battery for three pickups.

you COULD, if you wanted to do extra wiring, use any number of batteries wired in parallel and have super long battery life.
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One battery can power all three. Active pickups don't eat batteries like pedals do.

Here's what EMG says:
Active pickups and EQ systems are designed for extremely low current drain. In addition, the pickup jack included with all models has a switch that disconnects the battery when the guitar is not plugged in. To maximize battery life, you should always unplug your guitar when it’s not in use.

If you left your guitar plugged in day and night, the battery should still last a month. Under normal playing conditions, you would probably be looking at changing the battery once or maybe twice a year.
BUT, if you look EMG pickups datasheets (for example 85X) there says that EMG recommends 18 volts for all Humbucker systems. You can power all three with single 9 volt battery.
Max voltage is 27 volts if I remember correctly what EMG's humbs can take.

Pretty much choices. And there is no need for wiring them parallel. Pups won't eat so much.
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i always use just one battery for my EMG, and it works fine, i dont think you need to have 18 volts
btw the EMG site is full of wiring diagrams, why dont you look there?