I recently purchased my first guitar. It is a Yamaha Pacifica 112v. I also got the a Roland Micro Cube amp.

A quick list of the amp types you can select on the Micro Cube is Acoustic, JC Clean, Black Panel, Brit Combo, Classic Stack and R-Fier. It also has delay/reverb along with various effects, gain, tone and volume knobs.

Unfortunately I am not really happy with the sound these amp types produce even after combining them with various gain and volume levels mixed in with some or no effects and it is somewhat throwing off my practicing. Classic Stack and R-Fier sort of merge together as that heavy metal distortion sound. JC Clean and Black Panel sound a little boring and Black Panel is somewhere in the middle. I am completely new to the guitar world. Trying to teach myself guitar using books, videos etc. I am a big Hendrix and Satriani fan and love the sounds they can produce but for someone with relatively inexpensive gear can I come close to reproducing these sounds?

Would the DigiTech Jimi Hendrix Experience Modelling Guitar Effect Pedal be a good place to go?

Also I have been considering the following pedals having watched demo and video reviews but considering how expensive they are I thought it best to mention it so a savvy guitar player might be able to give me some advice.

BD-2 Blues Driver
DS-1 Distortion
CS-3 Compression Sustainer
NS-2 Noise Suppressor
OD-3 Overdrive
Jim Dunlop GCB95 Original Crybaby Wah Wah Pedal

I know some of the above don't make much sense since I said I didn't much like that distortion sound but I heard mixing various pedals can produce an interesting sound.

and perhaps a volume pedal? lol :S

A final question. I have a Boss TU-3 pedal with the PSA-230es Power Supply. Do I have to purchase such a power supply for each individual pedal unit in the daisy chain?

Any response would be greatly appreciated and I apologise if some of what I wrote makes no sense. Completely new to this. Thanks in advance!
Yes, the roland cube isn't quite the best amp out there. It's not a bad choice at all for a beginner to get a good handle on what types of different sounds and effects are out there.
Satch and Hendrix both have pretty unique tones, and you aren't going to get anywhere close with that amp. That said, I don't recommend running out and buying a new one just yet. Take some time, and figure out how to use your EQ. Spend time at your local music store and see what else is out there and where it can get you.

In short, relax a little and take your time to get to know gear before jumping up and buying something new.

I wouldn't recommend any of those pedals to be honest. The drive pedals don't go well into a digital amp like a cube.

The boss compressor is pretty noisy, and I don't see why you'd need a noise get at this stage. A wah pedal could be fun. A used standard GCB95 should be fine though, the hendrix version is a little overpriced.

regarding power supplies, a daisy chain is a series of connectors that pair with a single adapter. You just have to make sure you are well within the current (ma) draw of the combined pedals. It isn't the most convenient, noise free solution, at some point you'll want to look into isolated power supplies like the Trex fuel tank jr. But for now it should be fine.
my guitar is a yamaha pacifica 112v too and my amp is a rolland cube , thanks for posting it i've been just wondering wich pedals i should buy, since i got as gifts 5 digitech pedals since last year...
so i have atm:
Digitech MultiChorus
Digitech HotRod
Digitech Bad Monkey
Digitech Grunge...
Living is a bless, most of the people just exist

i'm out of my mind, insane, and what i say is sht or doesn't make sense, still your reading this.
but i don't really recomend those... too expensive... no big deal...
Living is a bless, most of the people just exist

i'm out of my mind, insane, and what i say is sht or doesn't make sense, still your reading this.
for that amp i wouldn't worry about compressors/noisegates/overdrives, they wont be as effective/sound like shit

i had a roland cube 60 for a while (before i blew the speaker) it is a really good beginner amp/practice amp, don't worry about pedals until you get mid range tube amp, the only pedals i would recommened are modulation pedals such as chorus/flange/delay/reverb as they work on solid state amps aswell as tube amps, but if my memory serves me correctly the roland has good built in modulation,

my advice is to save up for a better amp, the peavey jsx amp is a cracking amp for any style, then worry about compressors/noisegates/overdrives
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