Right just finished the basic rough recording for a new song that I'll finalize soon enough. It's got errors but you'll get the rough idea of it. There is no bass since I only just bought a 5 string and need to set it up. Ignore the levels.

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nice music man but it isnt that rought. Like the intro and the riffs fit well together.Would definetely need some growl over this and it would be awesome.Like it its just awesome.Outro is epic too. No need for C4C.
By rough I mean its got errors and not properly mastered and missing parts. The master will all be re-recorded, no fluffs with bass, EQ and more.

This is not bad.. The recordings or production in itself is pretty thin overall, but you mentioned that yourself.. Honestly I couldn't really find the tech nor groove parts of the song? Where exactly (give me a time) is those parts? This is pure thrash metal for me dude.. But it's good riffs and a good song structure as well.. Try to boost the middles on the guitars a little.. The timing in the intro clean segment was a ittle off.. All in all you got some good riffage going on.. but get your genre straight..

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Textures - greatest band ever
Nice clean intro, kinda reminds me abit of TOOL if you dont mind me saying.

Anticipation is building for WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!!!! Very nice airy chords in the intro. Im a bit bummed that idea one and idea two seemingly are unrelated.... Maybe you could at least let there be a nice SILENCE before the thrash comes in?

GREAT playing though! Nice and on time. Of course you need to BEEF the sound up a bit , which you said you were doing. After the MASTER you'll have a wicked song in need of some crisp vocalizing. BE PROUD

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