I'm looking for a new PAF type pickup to put in my Epiphone G400 custom. i currently have a Dimarzio Steve's Special in the bridge, GFS Fat Pat in the middle, and Dimarzio humbucker from hell in the neck. I'm happy with the sounds i'm getting from the bridge and neck, but the GFS just isnt doing it for me. I do want that classic PAF kind of sound, but with a little more output to keep up with the other pickups and maybe just a touch more top end. I'd like to keep the price under $150 but thats flexible if there's a must-have pickup out there somewhere. Is there anyone who has had success looking for something along those lines? Or just throw out your personal recommendations to amuse me on a lazy sunday afternoon
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first, what amp do you have?

Blackstar HT-40. Right now i'm using it with the stock Celestion Seventy 80 speaker but eventually I'm planning on getting a 2x12 extension cab with a V30 and a G12T-75 and running through that.
^they're not all that unheard of.

There's always the Fat Pat Hot (or plus, or whatever they call it) if you want to save a few bucks.

It will be harder to listen to a middle pup because most manufacturers don't supply demos with it in the middle. I'd try YouTube. Or Ask 3 pup guitarists what they have in the middle if you like the tone they have and consider them to have a developed ear.
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Have you tried raising the middle pup?
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