I've had a Fender Baja Telecaster for a couple of years now and it plays amazing, I love the guitar apart from it's finish. I just think telecasters don't look that great while they're still brand spanking new and shiny (well not when they're just standard like mine). It has a few minute scratches as a result of my careless (but not purposeful) handling but the finish is impenetrable so I'm thinking of artificially ageing it.

Firstly please don't come on this thread just to hate about artificial ageing, the way I see it artificially ageing is for looks; the same way people add gold hardware or get designs on their body. Secondly I would be grateful if anyone who knows any particularly good techniques for this ageing process. I searched online and my searches only seemed to return suggestions of extreme heat/freeze process.

Thanks in advance.
Q: What's the difference between a Mexican standard tele and an American standard tele?

A: £600

When you've finished that, Google "relic frankenstrat". the people who are doing that are REALLY into it.
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..... the way I see it artificially ageing is for looks; the same way people add gold hardware or get designs on their body.....
That's a great way of putting it. it's funny how some people hate "relicing", but then buy a copy of a insert-old-guitar-here, because they love the vintage "look".
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Thanks, that stuff looks quite useful, I'll be sure to give it a thorough read.
Q: What's the difference between a Mexican standard tele and an American standard tele?

A: £600
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Do this

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And so it begins..............

He's looking for the look of a road-worn guitar, and doesn't want to wait 30 years to get it.

If you have any furniture in your house that is wood-look (or veneer) (versus solid wood), or plasic chrome parts on your car (versus having real chrome), or brass-looking knobs/hinges/fixtures in your home..... you have done the same thing (appearance-versus-reality).

Calm down, and post useful info. I'm sure there are other threads on this site that can use your wisdom.
What exactly are you wanting to do? If you want to lose the shiny look just don't clean it or wipe it down for a month then when its got all that sweat, grime, and most importantly pick dust, wipe it all around and it will make basically a ton of micro scrathes and dull the finish, I found this out on accident . Oh well you can only have a new guitar for so long
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Wait about 20 years.
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i've got nothing against relic guitars, and i'm just gonna say that before any relic guys get butthurt by what i'm gonna say, but:

have you considered how much this will kill the resale value. guitars = wealth, to a certain extent. obviously a MIM fender isn't really gonna be worth much more than half what it costs new at best, but a MIM fender that has been falsely aged will be worth a lot less. if you're ever in financial difficulty and have to sell the guitar (it's sad but true, people do end up having to sell guitars they never wanted to part with) you'll be screwed and you'll regret it.

i think you should think about the long term effect of what it is you'd be doing, rather that just say "i want it aged and i want it aged NOW". the road-worn series exists to cater for people who want that aged look straight away, and they are actually really nice guitars too.
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you can cut up small pieces of sandpaper, put them in a damp cloth, and rub them around the guitar really fast for about 2-3 minutes.

really cuts through the finish
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