I am 3 months into learning guitar with Jamorama. Never really having any background with guitar playing I feel I am doing well. It is teaching me chords/tabs/theory and sturm patterns.

My question is now that I have some base chords learned and looking at UG tabs/chords I don't see any strum patterns. Can't be all down strokes.

For example: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/j/john_denver/country_roads_crd.htm

Also, Country Rodes as well with other songs I have looked up there just does not seem to be enough guitar playing. Am I reading it right that A chords is played only once at Almost Heaven and nothing else is played until F#m and West Virgina? I guess I would rather play a nice flowing rhythm to songs than a lead. Did I just answer my own question and should be looking for rhythm chords to songs only?

Any help here is appreciated.
The tabs that are just chords, when you see it in that format it really depends on the song. You could be constantly playing that chord up to that point or just a single strum.

As for downstrokes/upstrokes, some tabs specify which are down and which are up but you don't NEED to know which is which, play it your way.
You strum the A until the F#m kicks in, then you strum that chord until the next and so on. There's no specific strum pattern shown on almost every chord tab on UG.

^ That's a bit more precise explained :')