I have a Peavey Vypyr 15 amp, a Modtone Speedbox effect pedal, and a lousey AXL guitar... relatively cheap equipment, i know.
I want to get a heavy deathcore sound out of it all, such as Suicide Silence, The Devil Came on Horseback, whitechapel, among others. Help is greatly appreciated as to how i can get the heaviest sound possible from my gear!
tons of gain, bass, almost no mids, and treble up but not as high as bass. I would says, gain at 9, bass at 8-10, mid at 0-3, and treb at 6-8. These are the settings I would use, but I just typed in the devil came on horseback and this is the first tone I heard.

Hope it helps.

PS. Hey I just heard a breakdown, they use clean channels with lots of treble and mid for those. The song was hermoine granger from the devil came on horseback lol