I'm off on Holiday this week for two weeks and am really concerned about my finger strength and guitar playing in general!

Obviously taking the guitar is not an option due to the travelling so I was wondering how I can mantain my finger strength whilst away and maybe even learn something theory wise?

I had one idea which was taking a string itself and wrapping it around my finger but really not sure about one

Im worried as with every guitarist I've put a lot of time into learning it and really am serious about it so too lose it all would be catastrophic!!! Furthermore would I forget most of the stuff I've learnt like with muscle memory and will I lose my ability to play barre chords???

Its gonna be even more frustrating seeing as I'm visiting the rock and roll hall of fame full of guitars

I really don't think you are going to forget everything you know about guitar in a mere two weeks...I was on vacation for a month and I have manged to retain all my knowledge and I can still play the same as I could before I left. Just takes a few days to get used to it again.
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I'm not sure on stuff to do on holiday but I wouldn't worry too much about your playing skills, they may deteriorate a little but they'll come back pretty quickly. It can even be good to get away from the guitar for a while, in the past I've come back from holidays better than I was before I left.
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You'll be fine. It'll take 30 or so minutes once you start playing again to get warmed up again, but you won't forget anything.
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I play both guitar and mandolin. I once went one month because I was away for work...I went one month without playing either instrument. I didnt do any finger exercises of anything that you mentioned. When I got back, I did forget a little, but by the end of that day, I had it all comeback to me. I think you should be fine. Just do what you feel comfortable with.
Thanks you guys what about theory are there any e books I can print as I only know the basics when it comes to that and would love to find out more
If you're only gone a couple of weeks, no worries. On the other hand, if you were gone for 2 or 3 months, you may be looking at your calluses weakening and thinning out and maybe a small bit of muscle memory loss, but nothing major. Like said before, you will be just fine, and depending on how frequently you have been playing prior to your little vacation, you may come back even better than when you left. Breaks are good every once in a while, gives you the opportunity to get over any plateau you may have hit, and increase your skills even higher.
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Honestly I would just relax and enjoy my vacation. If anything afterwards you'll be even more motivated to play guitar and in the weeks following your vacation you might progress even faster. If you are worried about losing your skills, it should only take a few days, even just a few hours to get get them back. It'll feel just like a longer warmup, rather than having to relearn everything.