A couple of observations on the song:

The outro has a guitar piece which starts out slow and melodic, then ends with a series of quick strums. One of these is at 2:23. The part that's quickly strummed is repeated throughout the outro. A couple of times, it doesn't sound as clean as the rest of the section. Personally, I'd lose the quickly strummed part. Use it only once or twice as an accent, not as a repetitive motif.

The song is fairly strong and sounds good, however I'm not totally sold on the vocals. A stronger set of vocals could take this song to the next level.

Also like the delay on the vocals. It adds a nice element and layer to the song.
well, from one listen through, i'd say the guitar work is just a bit too thick. i think there's too much going on there, in terms of the arrangement.

its actually quite good, i really enjoyed listening to it. the vocal melody is good, i can see what you were going for, it's a nice idea and it's well put together. that's why i think the guitar work lets you down, that song right there is perfect for a good lead guitarist to give it more control and more of a balance