Ok, so I have basically got it down to "I want a Proco Rat".
I originally was going to settle down for the standard Proco Rat 2.


But I was looking through used gear and found a Vintage Proco Rat?


GC doesn't give jack s*** for used stuff so could anyone explaina difference between the 2. Sorry it only has one picture. I'm assuming it is one of those reissues, but I just want to make sure. Which one should I get?
some ppl believe that "vintage" sounds better.
but in reality most of today's models or reissues sound exactly the same.
only one who can hear a difference is eric johnson tbh.
Quote by AcousticMirror
you want the reissue rat with the correct chip.

That's what I've heard also. Well its a birthday present, so I guess Ill just go with the reissue.