ok, so ive got like 750-800 bucks to spend on a new acoutsic (preferably acoustic/electric unless it would be more beneficial to buy eletronics to put in it later) and im looking at either a martin or a taylor. so there my question, what sbetter? martin? or taylor? and in tht price range what is a good acoustic?
I'd say if you're going to get a 12 string, go with Martin and for 6 string go for Taylor. Just my opinion. I think 6 string Taylors sound nicer the the Martins.
At that price range I don't think either brand does better than the other. If I had that money I'd be watching craigslist like a hawk for a week or so to see if anyone has a nicer one for that price. I would also not buy an acoustic/electric in that price range either because at that price they sacrificed either better quality wood or better quality electronics. Buy a regular acoustic and add a pickup later

I know this is a Canadian price, but Ive played this guitar and its excellent, so the price in US shouldnt be too much different. Id look at this model
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As well as Martin and Taylor, look into Seagull (never heard a bad review) and Breedlove (very nice, from the couple I've tried). I'm sure there's plenty of good guitars in that price range that aren't Taylor or Martin.
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Neither. Taylor and Martin only get good above $1000 US. Below that, you're paying for a POS with a name on the headstock (case in point: Martin HPL). What style of music do you play? Finger-picking or plectrum? Preference in body style/cutaway/electronics? Those kind of details would really help in giving a decent recommendation, rather than throwing a wall of guitars at you.

As a general recommendation, (and based on my personal preferences) you can't go wrong with Breedlove or Seagull. Yamaha is solid, but I prefer their low-end stuff; the same goes for Guild.
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Neither. Taylor and Martin only get good above $1000 US. Below that, you're paying for a POS with a name on the headstock (case in point: Martin HPL).

I generally agree. However, I would change the prices a bit.

I'd say that anything under a 1, 15, or 16 series martin is bad. The 1 series is about $700-$800 if im not mistaken.

For Taylor, anything under the 300 series isn't really worth it, imo. There is quite a gap in terms of quality between the 100/200 series and the 300.
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i prefer a number of brands to taylor and martin at this level - blueridge, eastman and recording king top the list. and while not as good as those 3, an epiphone masterbilt would be all solid and some come with electronics. but i like the blueridge voice better myself. if you're in the u.s., you can get an awesome deal from maury's on a blueridge

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hey guys thanks for the opinions, i mainly play flat-picking type of stuff, electronics arent a huge deal for me (although i do want them on the guitar, either built in or added later) i like a drednought style (or even jumbo, but theyre too expensive). i have heard of breedlove and seagull, idk, i was mainly looking for a marting or taylor tho...someone up there said an epiphone masterbuilt, wat can u tell me about them? i played one once and liked it alot, it was all solid wood and pretty cheap? the only things i didnt like was tht it didnt have electonics and the headstock is absolutly hideous....