When i was looking for a new delay, i tried one of these guys out, and i was surprised at the sound for its low price, really warm repeats. I also tried out the Memory Boy/Memory Boy Deluxe, but didn't like the sound of them too much, despite the extra features.

I wasn't a fan of the modulation however, its a bit over the top, and has no controls (just on or off) and i ended up getting my Malekko 616, after GAS got the best of me. It cost quite a bit more, but it was worth it.

In conclusion (to this mini essay) the Memory Toy is a great, low cost, simple analogue delay. Plus, i believe EHX pedals have a good rep and are made pretty sturdy.
It's pretty good as a normal analog delay, but I don't like the oscillations on them.
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I have one of those. Does the job brilliantly. Cheap, easy to use, sounds good. Definitely good value for money.
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thanks guys, I did a little reasearch on a couple of pedals and from what I was reading and hearing this seemed like the best one for the price... but wanted to hear some feedback from others who have used it. Hopefully it gets here pretty soon because im already itching to plug it in.