Hello all,

So I've found a place to record (for free!). It's adjacent to the studio where i am a radio DJ. Only problem is, I don't know how to work all the machines! I see normal mixers, etc, and it is like a foreign language!!!

Anyone know of any good books, etc, where I can get more information?
thanks guys. What would be most beneficial would be to have a book that basically said "this is a ____here's how you use it" "That's a_________ that's how you use that"
uhm... I'm affraid you'll have to understand how the basic principles work, for any machine will have some different way of offering the usual editorial options.
How about googling the manuals of the things that you dont know?
but if you dont know whats meant with the recording-lingo in the first place, no advice will help here I'm affraid

no one ever said recoring good sound was a picnick ;-)