a hand me down heart
handed down to me
i'll wrap it up and pass it on
without a return address,
you looked behind you when the door rang the bell
were you hoping it was me walking in?
with his hand on your leg
your head turned around
your mouth beside his ear
'stop it'
he moves up your thigh
and up further
and further
now if i was there
if i was looking after you like i promised myself i would
he would hear you say stop
i would break his nose for you
and i would tear him apart
some people never noticed your hand me down heart
only your red bitten lips and those rumors
i'm no better i saw you in the same way
and i will hate myself for it if you want me to
i will vacation on a guilt trip for as long as you need me to

no matter what, i'll pretend i knew you
but right now i'll stop writing
because wherever you are
you're laughing
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Nice you wrote it?
Living is a bless, most of the people just exist

i'm out of my mind, insane, and what i say is sht or doesn't make sense, still your reading this.
The "You looked behind you" line is a little clunky. I think it'd sound better if you said "When the door bell rang" instead of "When the door rang the bell".

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You are epic my friend ;-)
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At this point I'd be more surprised if you found me a Christian children's entertainer that didn't sodomize and eat kids.
^ I guess he doesn't realize those are two totally different things.

What's there to say? If I knew how to operate Tumblr well I'd devote a page to you and just fill it with all of your work that I love.
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