So my girlfriend's currently fangirling over ADTR, not my ideal band by any means. But she got me to listen to one of their acoustic songs, If It Means A Lot To You, musically I didn't think it was anything special, but lyrically it means a lot to our relationship, so I thought I'd learn it anyway.

She can sing brilliantly, so we decided to play it in an upcoming school music event together, me playing, her singing. Just strumming chords seemed a tad dull though, so I wanted to spice it up a bit, and listening to it again and watching live videos I notice in various parts of the song there are subtle lead-ish picking parts over the chords, so I thought we could get in another guitar and play chords AND that lead part.

Thing is, NO ONE has tabbed it out. All the tabs have the intro, then just go on to the chords, ignoring the existance of the lead part. I don't quite have the musical ear to work it out myself, so I was hoping someone here could tab it out for me, or link me to a suitable tab I may have missed? The school thing's not for months yet, but it's really bugging me and I want to be able to play it properly... Thanks in advance.
Maybe the other guitarist you get in on it will be able to improvise parts himself? After all ADTR probably make em up on the spot live. Also if it's a comp could i suggest you get a whole band in at the end and have a choir doing the la la la's would be EPIC!
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There is a battle of the bands, but this is just for an acoustic charity thingy, so thats probably not gonna work :P I could ask him to try and come up with something, but not sure that he's any more capable of it than I am.. I'm sure we can come up with something though, right now we're not even in the same country.
Try extending chords, if the chords can be extended that is, that is always fun

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