If you were playing something like this

E 14 15 17 19 17 15 14

Would you lift your finger off the note that you play only or would you only ever fret the note your are playing.
i wouldnt lift the fingers up, but then again i'd find ways of making that easier than fast picking, with a slide between the 14 and 15th frets, find it looks cooler, and most people wont really care if it sounds different to how its supposed to
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I don't lift my fingers but I don't fret the notes either. I'm simply not using the fingers so no need to stress the muscles pushing them down against the fretboard.
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If I were doing it as an exercise I would keep my fingers down, but I was playing it a song i would lift them. and I would play it like this 14 15 17/19\17 15 14
Whenever you're not using a finger, relax it. You don't actively lift the finger from the fret, you just relax it.
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