Its that acoustic guitar
That gets me every single time
When you play it just right
It makes me wanna fly
Singing your songs
Waiting on love
Knowing that maybe someday
I’ll be the one you’re writing about
When you are playing your

Mama says I’m wasting my time
Daddy says I’m out of my mind
But boy what can I do?
When I’m sitting here,
Looking at you, with your
Acoustic guitar

I’m just so frustrated
Because you seem
To do this with ease
And I’m here slaving away
Over the words
You make me want to say,
Not only about you but about your
Acoustic guitar

Someday, or maybe the next day
I can sit with you
And we can sing to
The music you play
When you’re playing your
Acoustic guitar

.... it's really country, which is strange because i never write country... oh well. There it is, now you may begin tearing it apart.
No one's critting you back

I don't think this is quite my style for enjoyment. It could be the country feel, but at times your word choice was a bit too...easy. "It makes me want to fly" really stuck out to me, because there has to be a better way to convey this emotion without making it sound cheesy. Second stanza was good though, fit the style very well. Third stanza I wanted to like, but I felt it was clumsy. And you actually explain why it is clumsy, so maybe it works. I think if you revised that stanza you could streamline your message so it comes out a little cleaner that you're having difficulty finding the right words. If there was any chance to prove you could come through and write well, it'd be that stanza.

Nice ending though. Not bad.
Yeah, it's not my style either, which is weird because i didnt even really know where it was coming from when i wrote it. Like, i do have a major thing for acoustic guitars, but in more of the indie/alt style, not country, so for some crazy reason this song turn out country. ick. :P I'm gonna revise it and see what i can make of it, i guess. thanks for the crit.
I agree with Blake. I like it though and it has a lot of potential, I just think it's not finished yet. It reminds me a lot of Superstar by Taylor Swift. Very similar subject. You should look up those lyrics - it might offer some inspiration.

I think a few similes and metaphors will really make it somethin' special.