"You can't change the world, but you can certainly teach your kids to."

What does this mean to you?

Don't worry, this isn't some school assignment. I was just curious.
You can't change the world in your given generation, but you can take steps to ensure that change comes in the future?

I don't know.

If that's it, I don't really agree with it.
Basically, carry the one. Educate future generations about environmental problems, economic problems, etc., and real change will come through time.
What's up with all of these philosophical threads in the pit lately?
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that sounds demotivational.

i like "the common man marvels at the uncommon, the wise man marvels at the commonplace"
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The world will never change...conservatives and religious zealots will always exist. The quote is a lie.
Church burning is good for the (social) environment


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But if the kids hear that quote and live by it then the world never gets changed, it just keeps going. It makes no sense or is just a bad saying.
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But if the kids hear that quote and live by it then the world never gets changed, it just keeps going. It makes no sense or is just a bad saying.

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Do a Hitler youth type number on your kids? I don't agree with that anyway.
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Means 'don't have kids'
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I'm sick and tired of people calling America the stupidest country in the world. I personally think Europe is the stupidest country.
It means change comes gradually and can be very subtle/unnoticeable but it's there and you need to teach your kids to maintain that momentum.

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I wonder if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or the Founders of the USA agreed? Seems to me that most great change came about as the result of strenuous effort on the part of individuals who were not willing to wait for tomorrow. They worked for change in their time and eventually achieved it.
Dumb quote is dumb. We all change the world, in our own way. Some of us in greater (bigger) ways than others.
That your kids are probably the people you have the greatest direct effect on. Therefore, if you are going to do any sort of good, the most likely place it is going to happen is in the raising of your kids. So make sure you don't **** it up.