Im from central Louisiana. just bought a Taylor 210e for $650 in perfect condition. this is my first high end guitar. I know there are a lot of zealots out there who think thats not high end, but it's "in my opinion" the best guitar ive ever played. my question is about humidification. i dont think i have to worry about the guitat getting too dry, but can it get too wet? if so how can i correct this? im kind of worrying about a problem i dont even have, but i just want to make sure i keep this thing tip top. thanks for your kind advice
Yes, acoustics can get over humidified, when then you have to dehumidify them. I live in central Texas, with out stupidly bad drought, I keep a desiccant bag in my case, and it's just fine, stays in the case about 80% of the time. The case is a stable environment and will prevent drying out getting to moist for a long time.
the first and most important thing to do is buy a hygrometer and test it. then you'll know if it's too humid or too dry for your guitar. btw, i know it's humid where you are, but if you use air conditioning, chances are it'll be too dry.
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