All right, well if anyone can answer this then he or she would be gods among men, so to speak. I digress, I have a Randall R412 Stereo Cabinet and I'm curious as to its wattage. I'm curious because I have a 350W Randall head and a 120W Crate head and was wondering if it would be possible to run both into the same cabinet without any problems
The Randall head has an Ohm switch, the Crate has a 4 ohm minimum. However I don't know what it's rated for, how can this be determined?
you are probably not going to be able to run both at the same time. 350+120=470 watts. you don't see too many speakers at over 100 watts, but then again i don't know what you have in your cab. even 100 watts for a speaker is relativly high, and you would basically need 4x120watt speakers inside.
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