Recently jazz has been a big interest of mine
(both in listening and wanting to write it.)
and i was wondering if anyone could recommend me
maybe some bands to listen to,certain scales anything really
thanks in advance.
I don't mean to sound rude, but there is a jazz forum in Bands & Artists, the same place that you would discuss any other musicians. It isn't as active as some others, but a lot of people know their stuff.

Past that though, it's good find the style you identify with from the get-go. A personal favorite of mine is Blue Train by John Coltrane, but there are so many disparate sounds that are all considered "jazz" that it really takes a lot of exploration to find something that strikes your fancy.
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Well..some guitarists,
Joe Pass
Wes Montgomery
Charlie Christian
Jim Hall

Those guys are my favorites.
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learn all the dominant 7 and major 7 chords and the mixolydian scale. thatl get you started making some jazz. you really should google jazz theory though. thats where i learned jazz from.
nope, no-one.

check out mike dodge's webpage
all the best.
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Miles Davis - Milestones
Thelonious Monk - Monk's Dream
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Joe Pass - Virtuoso
Wayne Shorter - Speak No Evil
Miles Davis - Nefertiti

The list could go on and on. There are so many great jazz recordings and musicians! The best thing to do is to research the history of jazz. Find out who the key figures are. Listen to as much different artists as you can and really immerse yourself in the sound of jazz. This was how I started out listening to jazz and it really helped me understand the jazz scene and how it evolved and changed through time.
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Django reinhardt - minor swing

First jazz song I ever learnt.
I've never really gotten into Jazz, but I've got Dave Brubeck's "Time Out." It's a superb album, based almost exclusively on uncommon time signatures.
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I started listening to Jazz a couple of years ago when I took a chance and bought a download from a guy who brought in a big box of them to where a bunch of us were hanging out to try to sell cheap to us. On one CD that had some various jazz tunes and artists on it was a song with no title. It didn't say who the artist was but I couldn't ever remember hearing anyone play piano like that before.I was so touched and it put me on such a natural high that I took it to a friend who owns a music ( CDs used and new, vinyl etc.) store to see if he could hunt down the artist for me.I guess while he was listening to it another friend showed up and knew who it was.It was Herbie Hancock playing a song called Elegy off of A Tribute to Miles release.Long story short I ended up buying it and I truly love every song on it.It's pretty awesome.It features Herbie,Wayne Shorter, etc.Another favorite is one that somebody already mentioned Kind of Blue-Miles Davis.The players on both these releases are like some of the genius players of jazz.
For some great jazz guitar Denny Jiosa is very good.He has 5 jazz releases out and a guitar rock release.And unlike most musicians who is internationally acclaimed and all that, he communicates with his online friends and fans.Awesome player and a great guy.
I didn't throw away any of the music I already had but I've listened to Kind of Blue and A Tribute to Miles hundreds of times now.Good stuff.