I love the sound of the Ac30, but am unable to purchase one. Are there rip offs of it? I heard there's a Laney and Bugera one. Any of which are worth checking out? I'm only playing house shows right now since I'm in school. As long as it gets over drums it'll be fine.. suppose I could mic it.

Anyway I'm also looking to add a kaosspad but also a looper. Has anyone ****ed around with a Headrush? Or maybe a Line6 Dl4 will do me good.

Last item is this guitar pedal I saw nick reinhart using with tera melos. It glitches the sound if that makes sense. Thanks all
You can consider the Ceriatone Dizzy 30.


Its supposed to be based on the Matchless DC30, which in turned is a supped up AC30 with mil-spec components and parts.
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The Bugera BC30 (which is what I'm guessing you're referring to) is actually a knockoff of the Matchless DC30 like that ceria that ragingkitty posted. But it's a solid amp for sure. Always heard good things about Ceriatone! What's the exact reason you can't have an AC30? If the main issue is price, I'd highly recommend an AC15C1... I have one and it's pretty much incredible. Vox did a great job on this one, Celestion Greenback speaker and most of the same features as the 2x12. Unlike older AC15s, I think it's safe to say that this one is basically designed to sound like a little AC30 rather than it's own thing. I think it's a lot more "snotty" sounding, for lack of a better word. But I love mine.