This band is new and just came out straight from Monteray, Mexico and it is strange that none of their cd's have been reviewed up on this site. They are already signed up to Pure Steel records(German Record Label), and endorsed by Washburn guitar's. If you guys haven't heard their newest cd called "Street Law" I would check it out. They are apart of the new wave of heavy traditional metal. Check it out!
I started listening to one of their songs, and was really in the mood for it. Nice upbeat heavy metal.

Then I started thinking it sounded oddly familiar and thought I heard them before - as soon as the vocals kicked in I remembered. It's not that he's that bad, but it just doesn't cut it. I'm sick of settling for bands that just aren't up to scratch, knowing that the few good elements always wear thin after a few months, weeks or days.
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Yeah the vocals have been done before like that plenty of times in the 80's, but I think this band is pretty good especially coming out from Mexico. I would keep faith in them and try to keep listening to their new cd that doesn't have the same kind of vocals over and over again. I just dig the riffs and not so much the singer. Its always been like that for me. I like to paint the picture of what the song feels to me instead of having the lead singer do that for me.