Hey guys,

I record at home using a Toneport UX2 with Cubase as my DAW.

During the recording process I like to just make extra tracks when I need them, sort of categorizing my tracks based on the part of the song I'm at. For example I'll have 4 tracks dedicated to the beginning, then I'll create another 4 tracks for the bridge, so on and so forth.

Awhile back, I was experimenting with VSTi's and found that they were really awesome. In fact, if you check my profile I uploaded it to show how good it sounded. However, what really got me was that I couldn't really make more than at most 4 tracks in total because the VSTi's combined would eat up my RAM, so I just stopped using them.

Well I revisited the tracks I made with the VSTi's and I think they sound better than what I'm using now. So what I'm asking is; Is there a way to somehow be able to make a ton of tracks in Cubase, and link them all to one instance of the VSTi that I'm using? For example I want to create 12 tracks total for the song but I want to link them all to only one VST so it becomes distorted.

If this is impossible, how do you guys get past this? Is there a way? I recently got a new computer with 8gb of RAM and a quad core 3.4 i7 so I might be able to use more tracks at once, but I'd like to hear some alternatives.

Thanks in advance,
With a computer with those specs you shouldn't have any problem running 12 tracks or more. I'm not very familiar with cubase but why don't you just try recording separate tracks and copying the VSTis. It's time consuming but the only solution I see.
@Sexybacon, Yes, I do exactly that. All my guitar recordings are at their base "dry" (I think I'm using this correctly), meaning they have no distortion applied to them. I then copy my VSTi presets to each to give them the distortion. The problem is, that means in a given song I'll have (assuming 12 tracks) 12 instances of the same VST running on each track, whether that track is actually on or not. Being a very messy recorder I was wondering if there was a way to link ONE VSTi to all of the tracks, to save RAM. I imagine this might not be possible but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.
You can make an aux track with the VST on it and then send all the tracks that need that effect to that aux track. I buss my guitars to a group track for EQ and multiband compression, my drums to a group track for parallel comp and reverb, etc.

However, to be honest, you really shouldn't have so many tracks using the same VST setting (I'm assuming it's POD Farm). Just consolidate your tracks down to 4 instead of breaking it apart by section. Alternatively, if you insist on so many tracks, you can print your effect to a new track and then remove the VST. Cubase also probably has a freeze feature that will save RAM.

I've got a 3.7 i5 with 4 gigs of RAM and have never even come close to running out of CPU or RAM.
I like the printing Idea, but you're right that I can probably consolidate my tracks. I'll have to experiment with that printing idea though, seems great and the aux track sounds like a good idea too. This must be a functionality I overlooked.

I'll post what I find out in case anyone cares.
use an aux track/bus track. if you send all the similar tracks to one bus, that one bus can have your effects on it. then if there are minor differences between sections (ie. gain on one section is lower) then you can automate the effect parameters.