Hey guys and gals.
I'm considering purchasing a squier jagmaster and then putting some modifications to it.
First i'd like to replace the bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan P90, and the Neck with a passive emg. I would also like to replace the tuners and maybe the bridge.
Do you think that this would be worth it?
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Aside from the passive EMG...
If the guitar plays well then yeah, it could be worth it. Especially if you pick one up cheap used. In my experience, [although I'm in Aus where everything is expensive], buying a guitar for modifying and then buying the parts to mod it brings the price up so much that I could've just brought a way better stock guitar that plays better and sounds better without the need for any mods
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i have emg-hzs in my bass. and while I know that a mediocre bass pickup doesn't mean they have mediocre guitar pickups, I would avoid the passive emgs.
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