Well....Good luck. A twelve has to be strongly constructed because of the enormous stress put on the structure by all those strings.
That's about as cheaply as you can sell a guitar without actually loosing money, and I'd expect that many shortcuts were taken in it's manufacture.
Right off the bat, I would de-tune it at least a half-step and use a capo on the first fret to bring it up to concert pitch. This will relieve a little of the strain.
If it sounds decent, enjoy!
I hope it plays well for ya! If it does that and sounds decent; ya done well!
It *could* be made of cardboard and used matchstix; but IF it does those two things, it's all good.... as long as it lasts
Bikewer's idea on the de-tune and capo is a good one. Wish I'da thought of that in '67. It woulda saved my Kay a lot of problems down the road.
Thx for the tip,I've been quite lucky with buying cheap guitar,I will do the capo thing and see how it goes,I will let u know how it plays k
tuned up ok,im guessing it might take a few days of playing to settle them in,very happy with it,ill record something with it later today