i am not a hipster
i listen to dip-SET
and i aint a f*ckin' f*ggot cuz i wear these tight pants
i'm a skater and i've got folded fingers for you haters
cuz i eat now 'n laters and listen to political debaters

i love my mom
though i say i hate her sometimes
i realize all my wrongs and think about how i should rectify
the problems that arise when i decide to open my mouth wide
i never implement the actions though
because i'd really rather cry

i'm afraid to act right
so i play it shy
i'm really a nice guy beneath these dark brown cold eyes
but my daddy beat me as a child
from six to sixteen
so i've learned to make my masks, and that's why you never see

autistic and schizophrenic
genius, cuz i'd trick doctors to give me addys, then i'd sell it
entreprenurial, this nigga's got more fury
than nick fury cuz he's real
and not an action comic

if i could get a girl i love
instead of one i'd rather f*ck
i'd treat her like a queen,
she'd feel like she possesed all this world's luck

but f*ck that
i'm gonna keep it real
i'm too introverted, nigga
i'm meyer's briggs, i-n-t-p

look it up on google, its so f*cking fantastic
i'm one of 5 percent of the world
so i'll brag that shit
because i share the same category
as f*cking Feynman and Einstein

i get my energy
from my own inner g
i'm not a gangster
cuz i just rap about me

they talk about bills, bitches, and fine fly-mobiles
but f*ck money, diamonds, and bitches
man its not me

but i'd buttf*ck victoria justice
and maybe even try to date that Justine girl from Justice
i see her everyday when i fold clothes at work
but i'm just a model working at a and f
a f*cking folding clerk!

i study at Cornell
you niggas could never even tell
this black bastard's got a brain as big as a whale's

of course its figurative
don't try to take that literally
i don't like metaphors because i like to spit sh*t that is

true to me,
so it'll be true to you
when i write rhymes i see them
as stories that speak truth
straight fiction,
its not my favorite genre
that's why my beats are spacey, like the floyd

layers of

imaginaries, like my best friend rupert
and his mother and father that look like
Ernie and banana colored Bert

seen on sesame street,
i watched it as a kid
would you believe me if i said
barney slapped me?
well he did!

took me ten years to realize that he wasn't the real thing
but a sweaty mexican disguised to make the thing real
but f*ck him (no homo)
if i knew him know i'd f*cking kill him
but he's probably gotta be dead in this american system

I always dreamed
I would one day be the president
not of the USA
but of the whole world
so I say

that 2029
will be time that Alpha rises up
i'll take the title
and i'll turn the world from down
to right side up

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