Hey guys,

I'm a drum programmer using top-of-the-line software who's looking to get involved with other musicians projects rather than just doing my own demo's.

I can do drums for many styles/genres, including:

- Pop
- Rock
- Pop Punk
- Hardcore
- Metal (Including the more extreme side of it)
- Post Rock

I could also work on acoustic tracks however i've never done that before.

Projects with some kind of monetary reimbursement are preferred (for example, if I did drums for your EP, i'd get a cut of the album sales), however I will do work for free on songs I am particularly interested in working on.

Please feel free to PM me here and ask any questions you might have or let me know about projects you might have for me.

Kind regards,

Hey man, im looking for a drum programmer for a little project im working on. There probably wont be any money involved since its just a small -core thing, but its something I decided to try and I cant program drums if my life depended on it. Lol. But so far ive gotten a couple songs written, theyre pretty simple so wouldnt require too much work as far as drums go. If youre interested, shoot me a PM and we can discuss it further
My Gear:
PRS SE Custom 24 7 string
Schecter C-1 Custom
Jackson SLSMG
Line 6 POD HD500X

My SoundCloud
This is a demo I did for myself:


As well as the song "If These Mountains Could Talk" on that same page.

Keep in mind these are just small demo's i've done for myself, and I know I am capable of producing a much higher standard of work, which I would do when working for another musician.

EDIT: Matt you have a PM waiting for you.
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Come on guys, someone must need drums. Really looking for some form of paid work, please get in touch.