Hey guys,

Recently I've wanted to improve my use with a thumb pick and trying to get used to seperating my finger/thumb movements, ala Chet Atkins/Tommy Emmanuel.

I'm learning fun songs that people would recognise more than anything for now just to keep it interesting for me (and my dear missus that has to put up with my constant repetetive practicing), I'm learning Postman Pat for my little lad (which he loves) and is quite challenging. I'm also looking at Timberlake Road by Tommy Emmanuel. Theres a really cool arrangement of the them to Two and a Half Men on youtube which I'm going to try and tab out.

Also looking at Mr. Sandman by Chet Atkins and Blue Moon by Tommy Emmanuel. Just wondered if theres anything songs that people can think of with cool walking basslines and melody lines?
Hmm, tunes with cool walking bass lines and melody lines... I know more tunes that are using the "standard" fingerstyle "boom-chick" bass, but Joe Robinson has a few ones. Check out Fleabites, The Chatterbox and Daddy Longlicks for example. Also, Adam Rafferty has a few arrangements which I believe he might use walking basslines in. I believe he in his arrangement of Billie Jean is using a separate bass part together with the melody and harmony. It's not a walking bassline even though it's pretty neat.
I should've said actually yeah the boom-chick style you mention is good for me too. I'll try to check out some Joe Robinson tonight cheers mate. Adam Rafferty I'm familiar with he's pretty freaking sweet but none of his songs have a memorable appeal to me personally.