I'm really tempted to buy this Dot, but I was wondering how serious these cracks in the neck are. i.e. whether they're just the finish or something more serious.

Is this worth buying?

as far as I can see it seems to be just the finish, but if I were you I would play the guitar for like half an hour to one hour to check if everythig's ok before buying it.

Also, those cracks have to mean big discount!
hands down.
Try to do some whammy bar techniques on this neck WITHOUT using whammy bar to see whether it cracks or not
fine or not i would pass. there are too many awesome guitars without messed up necks out there.
being that it is on both sides of the neck i'd think it's a bit more than a finish issue.

i'd pass.
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being that it is on both sides of the neck i'd think it's a bit more than a finish issue.

i'd pass.


That doesn't look good.
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definitely pass. It's possible to fix though, if you are really up for that.
Cracks is, no matter how small, always serious. They can only get worse.

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From what I can see in the picture it just seems to be the finish?
its borked.

my bros dot did the same thing and its pretty much ****ed, if it wasnt on both sides i would say go for it, but as its both sides up to the nut...


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i wouldn't considering on the second picture the crack appears to "collapse" into the neck.

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those cracks are huge man.

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