I've decided it's been too long I've been unable to play my favourite songs... and I'm pretty well developed in other areas so I've come to a decision that I really wanna work on my alternate picking technique. My current technique is decent but I'm only comfortable picking relatively easy stuff at 100 bpm 16ths.

I'm not exactly sure if practising slow (60) would help for me as I think my motions are generally fluid and relaxed at the speeds I'm comfortable at (or maybe I'm just mistaken). It's just getting past this barrier while maintaining accuracy and relaxation is pretty difficult.

For those who managed to achieve good technique at a decent speed (150ish), how did you all exactly achieve it? I've seen guides tell people to practice at a higher speed and then go back down such that it feels easier, while I've seen guides that tell people to just gradually increase the speed when you feel comfortable without sacrificing accuracy.

I don't really have that much time to practice.. so I just want the most efficient way to get my picking chops up to standard.
Don't think there is a shortcut to this, but maybe some genius here can give us all the formula for instant guitarhero
You just have to slowly work your way up tempo-wise. Start at 100 and when you feel you've mastered it, go up about 5 or 10 bpm. Don't rush yourself either. It takes time
If you've hit a roadblock at any speed then there is something about your technique that's holding you back. For most people it ends up being tension in the picking hand or movements that are too big.

You need to do regular practice where you slow down and focus on making your movements as small as possible.
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