I decided to learn guitar and started this summer. I've been doing the L&M Guitar by Gibson for the past 2 months now (on Lesson 7) and I was curious if this is a good beginning route to go if I ultimately want to learn to play metal and jazz. I'm learning on an acoustic as well but plan to buy an Ibanez before Christmas. So, am I on a good path using the L&M and an acoustic guitar even though I plan to be using mainly electric doing metal and jazz?
Don't know what that teaches you but I'd start with chords and grip techniques. Once you've got the technique and some basic knowledge of the chords everything else will be easier. Don't start with learning specific riffs or songs.
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Once you learn how to string chords together and play simple songs, everything else falls into place.
Learn all the open chords, then attack some 7ths and Barre Chords. Simple riffs, then techniques like hammer-ons/pull-offs, slides and bends, and you're on the way to playing anything you want.
Another word on jazz, that stuff if really theory intensive, you need to be able to understand where chord comes from, be able to construct chords given scales and modes. If you can, find a music theory course, be it online or in the real world. Theory is good for learning any instrument because it helps you understand what you're playing.
It is incredibly in depth, so far Ive learned to read music, 20+ open chords (minors, 7ths, minor 7ths, suspended) , 10+ barres, the notes in the first position, sharps and flats, and all the major scales. Played plenty of single note songs as well, Fur Elise, Greenesleeves, Entertainer, many more. It does teach theory, I've skimmed ahead and seen plenty of chord charts and other stuff with scales and the fret board all dotted up.