I believe that all he did was bend the E string by the nut and let go
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Floyd Rose Bridge

I see, would this be possible on an SG? Thanks.
I highly doubt it..
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As already pointed out, their usually done on a Floyd, but they don't have to be.

I've seen them done with a slide.
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So how would I go about doing it? Just bend the low E from the first fret (open string pick, then hammer on to first fret, bend, release?)

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I believe that all he did was bend the E string by the nut and let go

This is the response you're looking for. It sounds like an open E-string but you pre-bend the note behind the nut. It's very possible with a SG. Aren't any of you guys aware of the song Iron Man Iommi does that exact same thing (with a SG), the video you linked immediately reminded me of that intro.
Beware of crappy nuts as your guitar will go out of tune easily if you bend behind the nut. I always thought of it as an archaic wammy "bar" of sorts :P It works ok, I guess.
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