Hey guys,

I have a Bugera 6262 head + Marshall 1922 2x12 cabinet. I've done some gigs with it, and it's not a bad amp. However I find it to big an chunky to carry (mainly because there are 2 parts) and it has too much wattage (120W- I never pass more than 3/10). I was wondering to sell it and buy an all-valve combo amp with less wattage, but still enough to gig without being mic'ed. My budget's around 800€.

My question is: do you think that with that budget I'll find anything better that what i already have? What models would you suggest?

If it helps, I have a POD XT Live and I mainly play blues, rock, hard-rock, traditional heavy metal e trash, alternative rock.

do you like the tone of your amp?

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yeah i would think about it. a 1x12 combo 50-60 watts should do the trick unless you are in a big club or outdoor festival (but in those situations i'd be really suprised if no PA).

you may want to look at Laney or Marshall since you are in europe.
The problem with the 1x12 is this: I'm in a band, as lead guitarrist and the rhythm guitarrist as a 2x12 valve amp from Line 6 (don't know the exact model but it also as parts from bogner as it say on the front). I think that if I buy a 1x12, the other amp will be louder and will overpower my amp, and I won't be abel to listen my amp. The ideia is of course that the leads are louder than the ryhthm. What do you think?
Sounds like the other guy has a spider valve. You could get a 2x12 combo if the extra speaker is such a concern, i'd be thinking of a 5150 2x12 or a 6505 2x12 but regardless those things are still pretty damn heavy
I really like Mark Tremonti (from alter bridge and creed) cleans and distortions. Do you think the 5150 /6505 would help me achievesuch sound? What else would you recommend?
mark plays bogner & mesa and honestly id keep what you have or if you like bugera look at the 333xl.
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